Nights of Azure Review

Played on PlayStation 4 platform, Nights of the Azure is another exciting game that online players enjoy. When it comes to any typical online video game, this actually sets a unique setting that features tormented nights by Azure demons. The protagonist is Arnice, a knight equipped with power and skills to defeat the enemies. However, the challenges in the island are not that easy as players need to put extra effort when choosing to play this game for total entertainment.

Game Description

The game is represented by a catastrophic story of two good friends who encountered impossible decisions to test their devotion to the quest while supporting each other’s battle. The setting is an unexplored island which is floating in the North Sea. Nights of Azure show an excellent image of a piece of land where the night is besieged by Azure demons, the main enemies in the game. In Ruswal’s Kingdom, only a few people decide to leave their dwelling right after the sunset in order to save their lives. Continue reading “Nights of Azure Review”

Bloodborne Review

What is Bloodborne? 

Bloodbone is a noteworthy development of the Dark Souls principle. There are lots of changes made making it more exciting and more fun. The rules of the battle and the customization have driven this game.

Remarkable Features of Bloodborne 

As stated, Bloodborne is a complete evolution of soul series And thus, this comes with many of its remarkable and new features that account of the following:

Terrifying New Setting: Travel to a shocking and fearful gothic city wherein nightmarish creatures and deranged mobs creep around the place.

Bloodborne Video Game Review

Strategic Action Battle: Equipped with an l arsenal of artillery which take accounts of aw cleavers and guns, you will need techniques, wits and reflexes in order to kill all those smart and alert enemies that protect the dark secrets of the Gothic city. Continue reading “Bloodborne Review”

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game is an open-world role-playing RPG that accompanies you a hot and legendary monster slayer named Geralt. You will accompany Geralt as he travels in a huge and open outdoor place while killing the beasts, talking to people and leveling his abilities and armors.

Features of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • In the past, Geralt has raised and conquered monarchs. He also fought legendary beats and saved the lives of a lot of people. Now, he embarks on his own fight to free his loved ones and safeguard the world from a threat.
  • The whole story is drawn from the decision of the player. Every fight or action will have concerns and consequences that can change the gaming world and the story as well. Monsters, communities, NPCs and settings also change based on your choice.
  • This is a standalone journey and players consider it easy to have access to the game. “Witcher fanatics will discover some references on their journeys. But, these elements are no longer needed in enjoying the game completely.” – Tony P.
  • A remarkable cinematic introduction shows the background of the games especially concerning the war-ravaged kingdoms and the story of the character.
  • An exceptional setting, memorable characters and gritty dialog, the Witch 3 provides for its exceptional feel. It’s a classic dark adventure tale which will appeal to most fanatics of all fictional story types.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt RPG Review

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