Nights of Azure Review

Nights of Azure Review

Played on PlayStation 4 platform, Nights of the Azure is another exciting game that online players enjoy. When it comes to any typical online video game, this actually sets a unique setting that features tormented nights by Azure demons. The protagonist is Arnice, a knight equipped with power and skills to defeat the enemies. However, the challenges in the island are not that easy as players need to put extra effort when choosing to play this game for total entertainment.

Game Description

The game is represented by a catastrophic story of two good friends who encountered impossible decisions to test their devotion to the quest while supporting each other’s battle. The setting is an unexplored island which is floating in the North Sea. Nights of Azure show an excellent image of a piece of land where the night is besieged by Azure demons, the main enemies in the game. In Ruswal’s Kingdom, only a few people decide to leave their dwelling right after the sunset in order to save their lives.

Review: Nights of Azure

There has to be a lot of strength and skills in order to defeat the powerful monsters at night. Arnice is the protagonist and one of the brave dwellers in the island who is also a skilled and powerful knight that aims to save the place from the monsters. She is supported by Lilysse, her friend who is a priestess. However, the ultimate solution to their problems is not that simple to resolve since defeating the enemies is quite impossible. The battle is tough and the demons are strong. Hence, the game only brings the best out of the players for entertainment.

Nights of Azure Video Game Review


The features of the game include the following:

  • Darker direction and recognizable gameplay elements
  • Same director as Deception IV and Fatal Frame, Keisuke Kikuchi
  • Platform – PlayStation 4
  • Released on March 29 this year, the video game offers warranty and satisfaction guarantee
  • New and exciting territories to explore
  • Unusual enemies to be defeated
  • Interesting setting and gameplay elements

The developers stride new territories wherein the main characters suit the natural beauty of the island. Unlike other online video games out there, Nights of Azure is a complete package when it comes to entertainment, challenges, enjoyment and experience. Although the story is focused on 2 female characters, there is love between them. It’s not something that lesbians have, but more to that actually. The story is no ordinary and in fact, it is very new especially to those who haven’t played this game before.

Bottom Line

Despite the low-budget game type, the market for Nights of Azure is actually also small. The gaming experience offered by this video game is beyond the run of the mill. You are guaranteed to enjoy every attack that you make and take pleasure in the adventured provided by the beautiful setting of the island. If you are looking for an exciting game that is not similar to other games you’ve played before, this is one of the best options you have.

Nights of Azure Game Review

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