Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is a forthcoming remake of video game, made and distributed by Square, of the original 1997 Playstation role playing video game. Speculated and rumored after the Final Fantasy VII compilation project and the FF VII PSP 3Tech Demo, this remake was officially announced by the company at E3 2015 for PS 4.

Final Fantasy VII Remake News

The remake retells the whole story of the original video game, Cloud Strife. The main character is a past mercenary who participates in the Avalanche group of terrorists to fight the Shinra Corporation. As compared to those ports of previous games made for personal computer and HD platforms, the FF VII remake is complete from the ground and up. This also best features full polygonal graphic that is against to the pre rendered setting of the previous game. As per the footage, it revealed that PSP E15 presented both battle and exploration mechanics that happen in real time. These are also exactly the same as the Final Fantasy 15 due to come out in the 4th quarter 2016. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle System

But not like the “Active Time Battle” scheme of the previous game, this makes use of a real time fighting system that is the similar to the series of Kingdom Hearts. This allows the gamers to control the main character or any of his cronies as they make use of their respective armour to fight all those enemies.

Aside from that, gamers will also be capable of using summons and magic. There is also a “Limit Break “gauge that allows characters to carry out their powerful attack when charged. Yoshinori Kitase is the producer of this game and he said that while this game incorporates real time elements, there are still other strategic elements such as magic and weapons for every character to use.  In fact, a press release was distributed last year stating that the game will be in its multi part sequence. And, the entry will give an exceptional experience for the majority of players.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Rumors

Years following the release of the original game on Playstation in 1997, the demand for the remake became higher. Due to the number of queries received prior to the remake, it was also featured in an article. The article discussed something about the reasons why to hate this game.

The site also issued a blog named “The truth about the FF VII remake”. This also proved that even the staffs will not issue a remake, conferences will still give players hope  that a remake will still be issued. In the year of 2011, FF VII ranked 2nd on the list of video games that gamers requested a remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Preview

Final Fantasy VII Remake is indeed a must-anticipate game. This is also specifically true if you love the character of Cloud. And according to the producer, the remake will be released in multiple parts that are packed with the most essential content.

If you have loved and enjoyed the previous FF VII game, for sure you will love this game too.  Be most excited about it and get the thrill!

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