Final Fantasy XV Preview

Final Fantasy XV Preview

Final Fantasy XV is an action-role video game published for Xbox One and Playstation 4 by Square Enix. It will be released in September 2016. It’s the 15th installment in the series of Final Fantasy. It is also a part of the subseries of Fabula Nova that takes account of Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy XIII.


The game is actually set up on EOS, a place that is exactly the same as the Earth. The entire world’s nations block the Empire of Lucis that is under the colony of the kingdom of Niflheim. Caelum, a successor of the Lucian power, having gained power from his near death involvement is driven from his place when the kingdom of Niflheim attacks Lucis. On the run with companions, Noctis starts to work on beating the Niflheim forces and getting the crystal from his control.

Preview Final Fantasy XV


The characters of this game have the capability to navigate settings in a free-running form. A lively weather system affects the world including the rain that affects things such as the clothing of the characters.

With day and night systems, these mainly affect the look of the beats on the world map. 1 in a game day is equivalent to 1 hour in real time. And, characters that do not get enough rest and sleep have reduced their capability of fighting.

Types of foes, numbers as well as the strength change it all depending on the time and day. Camping at night is also required for characters to keep their fighting performance and improve their experience point obtained in clash during the day. This is also changed into a new level during camping time. Camps make a safe place during the journey.

The battle system of the game, labelled the ACB or Active Cross Battle system, is exactly the same spin on the true time fight system from Kingdom Hearts. Rather than streaming a menu interface, you can choose those commands or keys that are mapped out completely to keys on the controller like Defend, Magic, Item and Attack. There are also other actions like jumping.

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Preview

Upon tapping the desired key, characters will do the desired action. The secret to winning fights is to maintain a constant as well as an adaptable stream of accurate and precise actions performed by both pressing and holding still command keys. The fight scenes are flawlessly integrated into the settings without load screens as well as transitions. These are all exactly the same to the Final Fantasy XIII.

There is also harmony in this alternative tale of F, not a prequel or a sequel to the renowned series. This game unfolds a totally independent story line in another place with different characters. Set in an innovative world of fantasy similar to the elements of today’s Japanese cities, Final Fantasy revolves around a leader, the last lingering member of the royal family that controls the crystal in survival. With two nations fighting for supremacy and the crystal held in the empire, you must make sure that this will lead to the right hand.

Watch out for this game and be more amazed of its new developments and changes making it more exciting.


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